Choosing The Right Product

Buying A Domain:
A Domain is the word used to identify your site to the public. There are two terms used to identify a domain. TLD which means top level domain, and SLD which means second level domain. In the example the .com part is the TLD and google is the SLD. When choosing a domain you want to find a short unique and quirky SLD followed by a relevant TLD.

Standard Website Hosting:
This type of hosting is for people that simply want to install and run a good Content Management System (CMS) of their choice. This could be wordpress, joomla or any other one of hundreds of different types of CMS. With this hosting plan, you will get a cPanel where you can control the entire infrastructure of your website. For more information on using cPanel click here. Resources are distributed among multiple users on a single server. This plan is suited for individuals with from the zero to moderate experience that are just looking to engage in activities like, creating a company page, ecommerce, or create social sites or media scripts that are not overly complicated.

Virtual Private Server:
This type of plan is the same as our standard web hosting. The only difference is that with this plan you will be able to log into a windows or linux based system. From here you can remotely manage your allocated resources. Resources are combined for multiple users on a single server. This plan is suited for advanced users and developers maintaining mid sized operations.

Dedicated Private Server:
This plan is the same as a virtual private server except resources are not distributed because there is only one user per server. This plan is the best for advanced users and developers that require full control over their resources and excessive use of resources for heavily computational tasks and high traffic.


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